The East Side exists just as it does in reality. You cross the bridge coming from St. Louis, and you are hit with a strip of land that offers to immediate choices: the industrial mills on your left, or the Parking Lot of Sin on your right. You can pass by, can continue on the road into working class neighborhoods and more honest decisions, but when you first leave the highway, the choice is that simple. Industrial hell or immediate gratification.

The first building you come from is a one-story, long-ass building that was once a thriving factory. Now it could house much more, but it houses The Pinnacle Club. a thriving strip club with a private, members only club in the back. The members of that club are rich and seek some sort of getaway, from life, from wife, from reality. The Pinnacle Club is not reality. It is the same as any escape.

The women who work at The Pinnacle Club range from breathtaking beauties to women just making their living.

Out of their ranks, we initially concern ourselves with a few people:


Whip smart. Beautiful. Short. Completed college, then got pregnant. Did all of this in the face of a rough childhood. Made it six months working as a cocktail waitress at the Pinnacle Club. occasionally stripping, before being promoted to VIP bartender. Is taking the LSAT and hopes to go to law school in the fall. She lives with BRIAN, supposed father of her daughter JORDAN. He has no ambition and their relationship is no longer romantic. 

She is trusted by the management, more than she likes. They rely on her to clean up messes and be an aweseoms ambassador to the club, which she is.

Majored in English. Constantly going off int flights of fancy which amuse herself.


Veteran dancer. Smart, cagey,  Her reality changes daily depending on what is needed to navigate the scene and the day. Used to dance at Malibu in Washington Park.  Claims her real name is Jamie Sheridan and that she writes the popular column in the local paper under the name Cheyenne Carter. Outsiders are dubious and believe she would be unable to write that well.


Big and burly, Rob is a teddy bear, loved by the dancers. He is trustworthy loves to pile on additional responsibilities.