A Guide to The East Side

A beginner's guide to the characters in the short stories and podcast. There are many more characters and levels to The East Side, but let's start with where we first tell the tale. These are the first people we meet. Click here to learn more.

The East Side is a night place.


The name itself is catchall for all the little towns just across the river from St. Louis, Sauget, Brooklyn, Washington Park, which, as places go, munch off a greasy diet of sin and fear, lined with a potent combination of dark bars stained with the grimy residue of what’s left of men’s souls, of strip clubs, massage parlors, casinos, pony palaces, sex shops and dance clubs. It’s 24-hour bars and X-ed out teenagers, all among tall, phallic mills and factories, coughing, sputtering, stinking places, choking out anything not drunk or high or horny enough to notice. It starts just across the Mississippi, a fingernail into Illinois, where towns are nothing more than land and square footage calculations for those big mills, pockets lined for everyone involved.The East Side goes further geographically, other cities needing their share of the grift, the girls and the stories.



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